FRCA Primary Toolkit

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If you are looking for a single, easy to use resource that will comfortably get you through the Primary FRCA exam, look no further.

This is a learning tool like no other. We know that everyone learns differently, some are visual learners, some like to listen, others like to write. What if you could do all of that in one place?

  • All the highest yield content of textbooks, with the whole syllabus visible in front of you
  • All the necessary information to pass the Primary FRCA, laid out in Viva format
  • Links to our podcast and MCQ quizzes
  • OSCE scenario videos and guidance
  • Links and embeded videos from our website and YouTube channels
  • All of our beautful summary pdfs in one place
  • Always in your pocket, on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Totally customisable in the free Notion App
    • Add your own notes
    • Embed your own videos, audio files and diagrams
    • Rearrange and reorder to suit your learning style
    • Effortless build revision timetables
  • It isn't finished! What do we mean by this?
    • It will continue to update with more resources and videos as we produce them, and as new evidence and guidelines are produced, we will add those in too, so you never have to pay to update it, or buy a new book!
  • When it comes to exam time, you don't need to make a revision timetable, simply flip over to timeline view, and drag the boxes to when you want to study them. Not only does this save you a huge amount of time, but you'll know for sure that you've got all the topics covered because there won't be any boxes left to allocate!
  • Purchasing our toolkit also entitles you to 6 months free Anaestheasier membership - email for more info

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I used only Anaestheasier since end of Sept and so did a lad I work with and we both passed - he did the exam yesterday which were totally different set of topics also and still passed - so thanks lads!

Thanks for the amazing resource!

Hey I just bought the toolkit - thanks so much it's exactly what I've been looking for!

This is literally perfect for how my brain works - It's super easy to use and I can see exactly how much work I still have to do

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you for creating such a great resource for trainees. I have just done the SOE/OSCE this week and the online tool and the podcasts proved invaluable to both parts of the exam.

From a Consultant and Primary FRCA examiner:

It's really user friendly, has all the right kind of information and very useful for viva practice - I'll definitely be using this to teach my juniors in theatre

If you feel that the toolkit has let you down in your studies, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at so we can discuss reimbursement and compensation options with you.

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FRCA Primary Toolkit

14 ratings
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